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Stolen from winter_ruins, csakuras, and umeko_pyon

1) What was your first Pokemon game?
Pokemon Blue.

2) Can you remember who your starter was?

3) Did you ever complete the Pokedex in any games?
Nope. D:

4) Did you watch the Pokemon anime? Who was your favourite character?
Yep. My favorites were Tracy and James. Ash also used to be my favorite up until the later seasons where he just got repetitive and annoying (along with the rest of the series).

5) Do you still watch the anime?
No. Went way downhill after the Orange Islands.

6) What's your favourite Pokemon type? Explain.
Fire! I can't explain why exactly, I've just always liked it.

7) Who's your favourite Pokemon? Explain.
Lugia. I don't have a lot to say here other than he's just so cool.

8) Which Pokemon do you dislike the most? Explain.
Aipom because I hate monkeys.

9) Which is your favourite region? Explain.
Johto. It has just about everything there--the bug-catching contests, the Ruins, the Magnet Train, the radio tower, etc.

10) Which is your favourite Pokemon series (ie, Kanto 1-151, Johto 152-251, Hoenn 252-358, others)?

11) Can you say a series Pokedex, without a reference, in order?
No. I think I used to know how to do it with the first 151, tho'.

12) Do you know all the type advantages, disadvantages and all the super-effective moves for each type?
Except for the most reason additions in Pokemon, yeah.

13) Did you prefer Pokemon before the new ones, or after?

14) Have you got an Original Character who is a trainer?

15) Have you ever wrote a fanfiction story about Pokemon?

16) Was the OC based on yourself?

17) Who is your favourite gym leader?
Blaine. Giovanni was cool, too.

18) What about Elite Four trainer?

19) If you lived in the Pokemon world, who would your starter be?

20) Which city would you live in before you started your journey? Why?
Pallet Town, because that's where Oak is (most of the time).

21) Would you travel just in the one region, or spread to other places?
Probably go other places.

22) Would you train just one type, or different ones?
Different ones.

23) What kind of Poke-Person would you be? Trainer? Breeder? Gym leader? Other?

24) Would you collect gym badges? Or keep Pokemon as pets?
Gym badges.

25) Who is your ultimate two-on-two team? Explain.
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