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I had I had a dream a few days ago that it was my birthday and there was this truck driving around town. For some reason the truck came to my house and asked me to volunteer...for something and then I randomly suspected that The Joker must've been behind this and told them I was busy.

I also had a dream last night that the Goddess Bunny was running out in the street burnt to a crisp and I went, "Hey, she looks like the Godess Bunny!...oh wait, she is."

In other news, Michael pwned the student who NEVER STOPPED GETTING UNDER OUR SKIN NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES WE TOLD HIM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP with a basketball at the Brokeback gym and all was good. But he still won't stop. I'll write up a post later on just what this kid's doing that's getting us (and not just Tyler, Michael, and I--several other students and [I suspect] teachers, too) pissed later. I'm not in the right kind of mood to do it now. :/

And before I forget...:

Happy birthday, astrokittie!

I'll be sure to write up that one year-late BobxChicken fic for you, soon...!
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