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The weekend was alright. On Saturday I saw Duma, the movie about the boy and his cheetah. It was a beautifully-made film and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Whale Rider or spiritual coming-of-age stories. I give it a B, overall. Decent film, though still doesn't quite rank up there. I give mad props to it for rarely taking any Hollywood routes. Not to mention it revived my appreciation for cheetahs.

Yesterday was mainly spent on going to the Sacramento Zoo (yep, another zoo) and visiting my sister. The Sacramento Zoo was alright, it wasn't as good at the previous zoos we've visited. The best parts of it were the otters and most of the birds. And yeah, I did take pictures, but not too many of them are very good. I might post them here sometime, but right now I'm too busy still scanning the pictures from the San Francisco Zoo.

Went to Borders today and bought volume 9 of Detective Conan, volume 4 of Mermaid Saga (about time they had it), Ultimate Spiderman 1 (containing issues 1-6 [?]), and the first Gundam SEED novel. A gooood haul.

I finished my personal project today, too, and I can't say I'm very pleased with it. I didn't get as much research done as I did with my previous projects, the Power Point's bland, the essay doesn't feel complete...yeah.

I ought to get back to scanning those pictures now.
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