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Happy new years everyone.

I really didn't do much to celebrate, though my family and I did go to see The Producers again around 10 at night. It was so late that we were allowed to get in for free. >D It was fun.

I've also been playing Rayman 2: Revolution which I bought at a used game store close by us (along with the first Rayman game for PS1). I'm amazed how crisp and clean the graphics are, but on the flip side of the coin the bright colors are driving me crazy. The Marshes of the Awakening and Bayou levels look fine, but the Cave of Bad Dreams and the last third of the Fairy Glade levels have. too. many. bright. colors. And while I think the addition of the Stone Circles for the teensies was a good idea to seperate the levels out and give a broader setting, it annoys me how happy it looks. It feels as though the pirates haven't taken over the world at all. Other than those two nitpicks, I'm really enjoying the game so far.

Goodbye and good night.
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