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Goddess Bunny

At there's a video section divided into four categories: "Hilarious", "Sports", "Extreme", and "Cool". This "Goddess Bunny" video is located under the "Hilarious" section towards the top of page five (the "Bunny Tap Dance") one.

For a video that's supposed to be "hilarious" it sure got a hell of a lot of disturbed/scared reactions out of the people on the forums who've watched it. The closest to an amused reaction seen on the forums seems to always contain the phrase "I'd hit it".

Now, I haven't seen the video yet myself, and based on all the negative reactions it's gotten, I don't think I will be anytime soon cuz I'm a wuss. What I don't get is why a video like that would be placed under a humorous section. Even if any of the website's staff thought it was funny, shouldn't they have at least considered how it could not be considered funny to others? This isn't even a matter of how it's going to offend anyone (hell, there are plenty of videos on the site guaranteed to offend and I think that's one of the last things that they should worry about now) but just how a person'll go to the section and click that video, assuming it's going to be funny, only to get the crap scared out of them.

I'm not saying that eBaulms should take the video off of their site or anything, but they should at least put it under the "Extreme" section, right?

Then again, like I said before, I've yet to see the video, so I could be wrong about this. If you want to see for yourself and give an opinion on it, the link to the video's here but please click with caution. It isn't a screamer, but as I said before, it's gotten a lot of people, even horror fanatics, scared and disturbed. Tell me what you think of it.
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