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"I wanna be a producer..."

I need to see that movie again sometime. I've been...down in the dumps lately, and it cheered me up. Listening to the soundtrack helps, too. So to all of you emo kids--go out and see the movie or buy the soundtrack. It'll do you good.
As for the movie itself, I was very impressed with it overall and thought it did justice to the play/musical (I know the original wasn't that, but seeing that this movie seemed to follow the play more than the original, I think it makes the most sense to compare it to the play). The "Keep It Gay" and "Springtime For Hitler" scenes were easily the best out of the whole movie. My only nitpicks were that some of the lyrics to the song seemed to be sung too fast (though, this could be a sign of when you've listened to the soundtrack too many times) and Uma Thurman as Ula. She got the "sexy" aspect of Ula down right, but she didn't have enough of the ditzy, bouncy aspect of Ula that made her such an enjoyable character. That, and her accent seemed to disappear too many times, especially when she was singing. :/

But overall it was very good and I was glad to see it just to finally be able to see Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in this, as I never had the chance to ever see it on Broadway, or even go to New York at all.

Today was on the "meh" side. I couldn't sleep again last night because I kept thinking of all those backwards lyrics and screamers. I didn't fall asleep until around 4:15 and woke up at 1:00. At least I was able to get some sleep, though. I hope I won't have trouble falling asleep again tonight. Looks like I won't be doing my personal project on backwards lyrics, then.

Our trip to Disneyland has been cancelled. My cousins didn't want to go as they've already gone not too long ago, and going there just wouldn't be as fun without them. Well, least I don't have to dread any disaster happening with that trip, seeing that we're not even going.

On a lighter note, my mom gave me volume two and three of the Akira manga that were supposed to be Christmas presents but arrived here too late. I'm really happy for what I've recieved on Christmas, but I feel bad that I've recieved so much.

...and I need to change my default icon.
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