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Watched Leave Her to Heaven this morning. Creepy movie. Not a keep-you-awake-all-night-type of creepy, but still eerie. Especially when you think about the things that happened long enough. The murders that occurred didn't need to be gruesome to give one the chills. That, and how it pulled a Bad Seed using the "sweet, pleasant" image for one of the characters who winded up being completely batshit. While I love psychological thriller movies, the only downside to them is that they often give you "What if..."-type worries, even if the plot sounds a bit over the top.

Well, I wasn't able to completely finish The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (I was this close! D:) I decided to go see the movie anyway. Before I give my opinion on the movie, however, I'm gonna give my brief take on what I thought of what I've read of the book. I'm probably going to be mauled for this, but I just thought it was okay. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great, either. I think my biggest issue with it was that I couldn't seem to grow attached to any of the characters and the ones I did form a slight attachment to weren't there for long. And nothing spoils a book for me then when I can't seem to feel a lot of love for any of the characters. :/ I'll still continue to read the series, though, as I hear it gets better later on (though I haven't heard too many positive opinions on last book...)

Alright, on to the review of the movie.
First of all, I haven't seen a live-action film that looked this visually beautiful since Hero. Hot damn was the setting beautiful. Everything from the forest to Jadis's place looked fantastic. I was also impressed with how the visual effects were done. There wasn't too much or too little of it and it actually looked real, least in the case of the animals. I was so glad that the centaurs, the fawns, and all the other mythical creatures weren't overly CGI-ified.

Acting was spot on. Hardly any of it was forced. I was amazed at how well all four of the kids were--Lucy just made the movie.

I found the characters to be more likable in this, which is odd because usually the opposite occurs when books are adapted into movies. It may have been because we got to really see and get to know the characters. That, and that raid at the beginning of the movie. It makes a huge difference when you really know just what sort of situation the characters are in and sympathize for each one of them.

I must also say that Peter's sword was teh sex. His sexy, sexy sword owns. I demand no comments from the peanut gallery on those two statements. HEY! Your mind's bathing in the gutter again! Stop it. Now. Or I'll hurt you with my sexy, sexy sword.

And you were right about the Tumnus/Lucy subtext, some_kat. I actually half-expected Tumnus to kiss Lucy at one, I felt like such a pedo.

What really made the movie was the battle scene. Yes, only one battle scene. The one battle scene to rule the movie. And what a battle scene it was. Not quite as impressive as that of Return of the King's but still quite awesome.

Overall, I'm giving this a B. Why so much praise and yet it only gets a B? While it had a numerous amount of qualities, somehow, I just didn't feel that "WOW!" punch that I get from the movies I really, truly enjoyed. Hard to explain, but that's all I can say there.
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