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I had some pretty cool dreams for the past three nights.

I really wish I wrote some of these down as, once again, I can only remember them vaguely, but I'll tell you what I remember:

Dream 1: I remember that most of this dream had to do with the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time game. The character, Farah, was hiding behind this curtain on a pole while this...guy, can't remember if it was the Prince or someone else, was talking about something and Farah was eavsdropping on him. Then all this stuff happened and the Prince and Farah made out and had sex in this huge bath (WTF) and that's all I could remember. And that dream just made me remember that I need to play that game again. Such a cool game.

Dream 2: You know, I can't remember this one very well at all (shame, as I could remember it yesterday) but I do remember that it was my second dream! I'll uh, let you know what I remembered once I can...remember it.

Dream 3: Probably my most eventful dream. Part of it had to do with this show I was watching where this really butch chick was trying to get this object from this old house while these policemen were trying to catch her. The policemen began knocking various doors down and eventually she was able to get the object. Once she did, she said, "Alright, I got it...what the fuck do I do now?" Then she got into this spaceship and flew off. Someone next to me said, "Yeah, that was good, but it was better in the Excel Saga manga." Then she handed me one volume of the Excel Saga manga and it suddenly became a video game where you had to get through this maze and get this object and get out of the maze before time runs out.

Then this day came where we had to hide in certain areas from these people who were trying to assasinate every person in America. This was supposed to last for a week and then the people would leave. It was a bit like War of the Worlds in how everyone was desperately trying to flee the areas we lived in, many of the areas were empty, and we kept hiding in different houses.
Then it switched to the Legend of Zelda universe with Link having to dive in this water inside this cave and get to the portal before it closed up. The portal led to the Temple of Time and Link wandered to the Gerudo Fortress to see if all the Gerudo that lived there had fled the area (yeah our universe and the Zelda universe are the same in this dream...) When he got there, he saw that it was empty except for this large, fat man who was eating something. The man randomly began giving him all these roasted pig heads and then said, "Ok, that'll be 200 rupees!" which was all the money that Link had. So Link said, "Oh well, at least I have some food now. I guess I'll eat it now" while the guy who had given him the pig heads was in the corner snickering and going, "Sucker..." When Link ate the pig heads he suddenly went crazy and all these black round-shaped bugs came pouring out of his mouth as he tried to kill the villagers who eventually were able to knock him out and calm him down.

And that's all I could remember. Well, I thought the first part of it was cool at least.

In other news, my cold's getting better, I've been re-watching the Record of Lodoss War OVA, and my dog got a haircut today. And I finally saw some of those Gorillaz music videos that everyone's been talking about. And yes, they are indeed great. Probably the only entertaining music videos I've seen. Maybe because they're cartoons or maybe because the music's good, or maybe it's both. Who knows. They're still cool.

Here's a really funny flash I found while browsing through DA:

Particle literal form!

Goodbye and goodnight.
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