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Dreams and other updates

These dream reports are going to be fairly brief as I can only vaguely remember them and I need to study.

Dream #1: I was at this new school full of so many rooms you could get lost it in easily. And I did. I wandered into one room that was a store of some sort selling candy and other food there, and then entered another room that was a library. This library contained very old books and movies (in quality) and one of the videos there was a sequel to the Record of Lodoss War OVA. I checked it out and watched it at home--from what I gathered of it, it was about yet another knight-in-training who was trying to escape from this large red dragon (looked a bit like Smaug) and then it sort of moved into a video game setting with me trying to get him to this egg before the egg breaked and everytime he moved the egg would crack a little.

Dream #2: This one took place at Gotham city and involved these three hidden pills (?) that were going to destory the city or poison the people....or something. They were metallic-looking and were about the size of footballs. Then there was something involving Ivy and Harley and uh...that's all I can remember.

Well, tomorrow's the first day of my finals. I'm not so worried about tomorrow as it's Language Arts and the only thing I really need to study for in that subject is these vocabulary words, which I don't think will be too difficult. I just don't know how I'm going to be awake throughout the whole hour and a half as breakfast food just never fills me up and I'm always tired in the morning. Ah well.

I'd complain about a know-it-all guy who spouts out the answers in class before the teacher even gets around to saying the rest of the question but...I'm not in the mood.

The Producers is coming out this Friday and I am excited. Very excited. Far more excited than I am making it sound. I just don't know how to express my excitement. So excited. :D
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