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Update on the dreams

Well, for the past several days I've had some very odd dreams. Not quite as odd as some that I've had in the past, but then, it's really up to you to decide just how odd these dreams are on a scale of 1-10 on oddness.

Dream 1:
I had this dream on the night before Thanksgiving. A boy about sixteen or seventeen years of age had just barged into someone's house and he was stealing their antiques, I think. Then I came in and gave him a lecture about how you shouldn't barge into others' homes and how stealing is bad. He then walked away, muttering, "I knew I shouldn't have let you read those Marvel comics."

Dream 2:
This one started off with me visiting these girls (one one of them looked like Orihime from Bleach) who were talking about a book about a girl who was abused by various baby-sitters that she had in her childhood and managed to survive each one of them (or else she wouldn't have been able to write this book they speak of). One of the baby-sitters tried to kill her, one was afraid of the sight of blood and tried to kill her when she accidentally cut her finger, one locked her in a chest, and one glued her to a wall and put wallpaper over her.

One day I'm home alone with a man who's house-sitting. This man soon has me cornered in the bathroom with a razor. This guy apparentally has a great hatred for kids and Edward Elric. I don't know how I was able to escape, because the dream soon cut to me in bed and I find a mouse for my laptop in my bed. I then go into my parents' bedroom and ask if I could sleep in there as I was afraid the man who tried to kill me would show up again and they said yes. I asked if I could bring my dog, Kismet, in too, and they also approved of that (amazingly).

We get another housesitter who's apparentally terrified of blood, and for some reason, he tries to cut me. WTF.

Then on another day, the first house-sitter is at our house and I go to my mom to ask her what he was doing here. She responds, "Oh, I thought maybe we could get to know eachother better and straighten this situation out." WTF MOM. ARE YOU ON DRUGS. IS THIS DREAM ON DRUGS TOO? Wait. I think all of my dreams are on drugs. I am merely stating the obvious. Again.
Soon my neighbors come over with a very small white kitten and ask if I'd like to go to California Pizza Kitchen with them. Even though I hate that restaurant more than I hate Zoloft, I agreed to go with them just to get out of this house with a homicidal maniac in it. For some reason, we go to the bowling alley instead.

Next thing I know, I'm driving on the freeway and I spot the first house-sitter's car. I try to hide myself amongst the cars as best as I can so he can't find me and drive home as quickly as possible. As soon as I get there, I lock all the doors and try to contact my parents on their cell phones. At this point this dream feels real, as I'm fumbling and trying to dial the right numbers. Then I woke up.

I blame reading Detective Conan before going to sleep for this dream.

Dream 3:
This one took place on Christmas Eve. My cousins were at our house and one of them suggested that we open our presents. We gathered the presents in piles for each person and opened them up. I can't remember all of the presents I got, but I do remember one of them being a 2004 calendar of dogs.

Then we went to this huge store. I went to the used video game section and my mom looked at the DVDs. Mom kept coming towards me with different DVDs saying, "Do you want this?" until I told her I'd let her know if I wanted anything. Then I found this cave in the store that led to somewhere....and I forgot where it led to.

Then we went home and I watched Fullmetal Alchemist on my computer. Mom came in and watched it with me and soon became a huge fan of it. Her favorite character was this..."female version" of Ed who looked a lot like Rose.

After that, I played Legend of Zelda and I was at a part where Link who had to borrow a sword from a cloaked figure (think one of the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings) in order to fight a one-eyed monster. When he fought the monster, you had hit this monster at a certain time, otherwise it'll say, "I am very disappointed in you", turn yellow, and attack you, but you do have a chance to attack it back when it does this. After beating that monster, the cloaked figure with several other cloaked figures and said, "You have borrowed our sword. Now you must either join us or die." Then Link woke up at his home and his arm was injured.

Then I went on the internet and found this website on aliens and these people who wanted to bring these aliens here on Earth. One of the sections of the webpage was video clips of alien footage. I clicked on one of them and the video was in black and white and done on a handheld camera. The camera was looking at a jacuzzi while the person with the camera was saying, " it comes...come on, come out!" and then a whiteish-looking figure came out of the jacuzzi and dashed right off the screen--you could barely see it. Then the clip played again in slow motion and you could see the alien clearly this time.
Then I think I woke up after that.

Dream 4:
This one's really brief. Actually, a lot of things happened in it but I can only remember them very vaguely. The only thing I do remember was that there was a fourth Matrix movie that got released and I read a review of it that gave it an AB as its grade.

Whew. That took a long time to write up. Sorry if there are any typoes, too lazy to spell-check, I'll do it later.
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