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Goblet of Fire

Just got back from seeing it. It was...meh. It was alright.

The Good:

- Mad-Eye Moody. Guy who played him completely exceeded my expectations. He was terrific. Weird and creepy.

- The first and second tasks, especially the first. I wish they were longer because they were so cool. I want one of those dragon replicas they pulled out of the bag.

- The scene with all the students studying while Snape hits any students who aren't doing so. I lol'd.

- Viktor Krum. Alright, he wasn't really "good" I just kept going "HI MATT" everytime I saw him. Because he looked like my brother Matt. Thought you ought to know.

The Not-So-Good:

- Dumbledore. Please stop sounding so bored at first and then suddenly PRONOUNCING certain WORDS so LOUDLY. "...wearegatheredheretodaytosrkl;llkrphphfd...OH YAH CEDRIC DIED GAIZ." Him suddenly going into batshit!mode on Harry when he asked him if he put his name in the goblet was really random, too.

- Hermione kept sounding like she was going to burst into tears every time she spoke.

- Harry still looks stoned. PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP CRYING ARGH.

- The nifflers, the blast-ended skrewts, visit with Sirius, Hagrid's becoming the Care of Magical Creatures professor, and a good chunk of the things that originally happened to the maze are all gone. In fact, I think the only thing the maze had in common with the original's was that it was...a maze. I understand that they didn't have enough time to get all this in, but they could've at least left in the stuff that happened in the maze. Eh, maybe some of them were deleted scenes? We'll see once the DVD comes out.

- Seconding everyone who said that the Death Eaters looked like the KKK. WTF.

- Voldemort looked like the batboy that you see in the tabloids all the time whenever he was yelling or screaming. When he wasn't, he did look like the Voldemort we all know and love, but he just didn't have the same creepy feel of the one of first movie. Mainly because of his voice. Didn't sound evil enough.

- Waaaay too rushed. If I hadn't read the book it probably wouldn't have felt that way. I would've been feeling confused.

Overall, despite my complaints, I did enjoy it. Just not as much as the previous ones.
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