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I had two cool dreams for the last two nights:

Dream 1: This one took place in the movie Red Eye and I was being chased by Jackson (Cillian Murphy's character). The chase led to my house...which currently wasn't looking like my house inside this dream. Well, I seemed to have lost him by the time I got to my house, but because I was feeling paranoid, I ran inside my parents' bedroom and locked the door. I then heard him coming inside my house and tried to stay as silent as possible so that he wouldn't find me. Suddenly, the phone rang and thinking that it was Jackson pulling the same trick that was done with the phone in Wait Until Dark, I didn't answer it. Somehow, however, the phone fell off the hook and then I panicked. I then kicked a hole in the screen door, randomly said "It's a good thing I've taking boxing classes!", ran out and uh....that was it.

Dream 2: In this one, I was a paranormal investigator (!) currently taking the place of someone who was ill. I and a group of others had to investigate the bottom of this ship and we ended up finding a video tape in it that was supposedly the very first motion picture. The video was of a man visiting a nurse and there was an alien around her desk. Then the dream cut to me at my homeroom teacher's classroom where he was teaching us about the supernatural and asked us to suggest movies to him that we could watch. One student suggested E.T. and then I said "I have a suggestion!'s not very appropriate but uh...War of the Worlds?" and my teacher answered, "Nope, that's completely inappropriate." Then I was on Deviantart and talking to someone (I think it was rexy_jade) and she said, "I've had a lot of paranormal things happen to me lately" and I responded, "Well, I wish I could at least see a UFO" and then suddenly there was a truck flying by outside. Then I woke up. And there was U2's "With or Without You" playing on the radio when I did, which was the same song I had stuck in my head when I went to see War of the Worlds.

Today I had the hiccups for the longest time. The first time I had them, they lasted for three periods, up until we went to FudgeAlley's during the fourth period. The man who ran it was great. He was always patient and seemed to really like his job. Plus, he was able to cure my hiccups. The trick he told me to use was to hold a straw between my lips while drinking water and hey, it worked.

Huzzah, the fourth Harry Potter movie's coming out tomorrow. This one's my favorite of the series, so I can't wait to see how it is. Also, Thanksgiving break. :D

But now I must go study for my History test.
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