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Today my school and I got to go to the movies after school and our choices were either Legend of Zorro or Chicken Little. It was difficult for me to decide as Legend of Zorro had three things I like: sword fights, explosions, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Chicken Little also had three things I like: chicken, aliens, and The Emperor's New Groove (which this film was directed by). I decided to go with Chicken Little which was good, as most of the guys I knew best at school were going to that as well.

The movie itself? Very mediocre.

Really, I could forgive the lame plot if it only had some good characters and clever humor to make up for it. Unfortunately, the characters' quirks weren't at all original let alone funny, and about 57% of the humor was centered around mainstream music. Want an example of how bad it got? They had a Spice Girls song in it. It was done for humor, but it didn't stop any of us from covering our ears and hoping that the goddamn song would end already.

The fact that we MSTed a lot of it didn't help much either (when you're able to MST a comedy, that's a sign that you've walked into one lame comedy movie).

Another problem with it was overdose of angst in the most awkward places. Right after the first twenty or so minutes of the film, there's a scene where Chicken Little is sitting on the rooftop playing Evanescence and Linkin Park music on his Ipod and his father is inside their house/coop and both are doing the same thing--angsting. With piano music. This scene lasts for about 3-5 minutes, and it's quite amazing at how much it drags in that little amount of time.

The animation wasn't really as great as decipted in the trailers, either. It's "good" but definitely not Dreamworks or Pixar. The animals just don't seem much like animals (with a few exceptions, such as the dogs, the goose, and the donkey), more like a bunch of people in animal suits. Really? It would've worked a lot better as a--gasp--2D animated film. Trying to make a bunch of animals that walk on two legs to look "realistic" with 3D animation isn't an easy task to pull off without making it look ridiculous.

Overall, I'd give this a C-. While it had many flaws, it was, for the most part, tolerable, and I liked Fish out of Water. We needed more of him.
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