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Halloween party and the events that followed

So we had our Halloween party at school today and it ended up being a lot more fun than I expected it to be. We had a scarecrow making contest, an obstacle course involving eating donuts off of strings, filling cups with colored liquid and doing math problems, and a pie eating contest. We also had contest costumes too, but those weren't as action-oriented as the three I just mentioned, hence why I didn't mention it in the same sentence.

My homeroom class won the scarecrow contest (ours was a cyborg frog with a bikini top, and other classes' included one of Michael Jackson (he had a baby doll hanging from his hand. ROCK.), a woman, and others, but those are the ones that come to mind), toggy won the pie eating contest, Gwen (who was dressed as Sadako, btw) won second place in the obstacle course, and I won third place in the 'most original' costume category. I was disappointed that Brin's Zelda costume didn't get 'best costume overall' because it was very accurate and cool. She got second place, though, so that works. I also remember Andrew getting an award, and I think it was for the obstacle course. I just can't remember what place he got in.

After all the contests, we were essentially on our own. I went to my homeroom and we watched flash cartoons (after being introduced to "Tiny Plaid Ninjas" I have decided to be a plaid ninja for next year's Halloween) and then I had lunch in the Biology room and watched The Mummy there. I forgot how good that movie was. Yeah, it's no Indiana Jones, but the action scenes are a lot of fun, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and Johnathan is awesome. Awesome possum. Awesome possums in the lawn gnomes. Huh.

Then we had the scarecrow auction and then I went home and had to go take tests at my old high school. I was starving by the end of the first half (the second half is going to be next week) and was about to buy something at the student store when my resource teacher handed me a pack of Starbursts. They held me over well while I waited for Mom to come pick me up. Praise the Starbursts!

And that's mainly what happened today.

Here's a picture Brin's mom took of some of us at teh party:

Students from left-to-right: Brin has Princess Zelda, toggy as a caitgirl-maid-loli/all the hentai cliches combined (look at the tentacle!), a guy whose name I forgot (such a small population in our school, and yet I still can't remember all the names...) as President Bush in a hooded sweatshirt, Andrew as a guy in a gas mask, me as Arthur Dent, and...another guy whose name I forgot as Auron.
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