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This has been an awful week.

But I will spare you an emo post and instead write about the Very Bizzare Dream I had last night.

The first half of it took place during Final Fantasy X. Or at least, this part of it had Yuna and Tidus in it fighting some sort of evil lord. So then he uses these spiky bugs to seal them up and then they try to get out of the spiky bug seal. They eventually get out (I forgot how) and beat the villain. At this point I say, "WTF that game was easy. It only took me three days to beat."

Then the dream suddenly switches to a subway station.

For some reason, I'm on the tracks there and trying to find a way off of it before the subway comes and runs me over. Suddenly, Neo (from The Matrix) shows up and he says, "Hey, look, I can do origami! WANNA SEE ME DO ORIGAMI?!" He then starts showing off his crane he made out of orange paper and then walks up these stairs. He keeps reappearing as I try to find a way off the tracks. Then, suddenly, he's at the top of the stair case and everything and everybody is in SOUTH PARK form, and for some reason, he has blonde hair, too. Then he starts chasing around this girl and constantly asking "WANNA SEE ME DO ORIGAMI?!?!?" while the girl is running around screaming.

Then there was something in the newspaper about Batman, Spider-Man, and War of the Worlds being released on the same day and the big "competition" on which one will be at the top of the box office.

Then (are you getting tired of this yet?) the setting switches to that of a big city. There are these giant aliens attacking and everyone is running around screaming while the aliens zap buildings. Then, I can't remember if it was a giant Tom Cruise or a giant Neo, but someone giant attacked the aliens.

And that was all I could remember.


The End.
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