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Tomorrow I and all the other Sophomores have to give our personal project presentations. Wish us luck? I gave a practice presentation during my personal project class and it turns out I have to shorten certain sections a bit as my time was 7:45 when I'm not supposed to get any higher than 5 minutes. I plan to take out the Cryptozoology and Mothman sections of my presentation in hopes of making it shorter and I'll practice going over the sections quickly tonight.

I read the volume of Detective Conan Case Closed that I bought at Borders last Friday. Now, I don't mind the changing of the series name...but why did Shinichi and Ran's names get changed while the rest of the cast's remained the same? They even left their last names alone, too. I thought "Jimmy" was just going to be the name for Shinichi when he's a kid, but they kept "Conan" there, too. Huh? Someone clear this up.

As for the manga itself, I really enjoyed it and will buy the next volume at my next trip to Borders. Plus, I'll have something else to read while waiting for the next volume of Get Backers to get out. I like Shinichi's (or should I go with the translation and say Jimmy instead...? I dunno either) dad. Can't remember his name, but he reminds me of that scientist from Megaman.
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