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"The Corpse Bride"

Just got back from seeing it.

Plot: Simple and straightforward in the long run. It had more story development than The Nightmare Before Christmas had, not to mention that the ending was less expected. My respect for Tim Burton has increased even more because he didn't end it with a sappy or cliche ending with Emily coming back to life or the living and the dead being united. It was satisfactory and bittersweet. Many often called the ending 'sad', but I beg to differ. As Emily said to Victor, he set her free, and she set him free. Victoria was set free as well. And that's all they really needed to be happy. Sure, Emily couldn't be with Victor (well, she could be, but only if he died), but it doesn't mean that she can't be content.

Characters: They're not quite as unique and quirky as the characters in Tim Burton's previous films, but they're just as likable. Victor, especially, and no, not just because Johnny Depp does his voice. He's painfully timid and clumsy, but has a caring, kind man with an overall very human personality. Victoria also has the same sort of warm, benign nature to her. She's not a "Perfect Woman", as she is isolated by her parents and often forbidden to do many things, which may imply the flaws of her ability to do certain things. She's just a normal, pleasant girl who any guy would like to marry. Loved her parents and the butler. They were awesome.

I liked Emily. I was afraid she was going to be annoying about her role as the bride and clingy around Victor a la Ranma 1/2's Shampoo, but she ended up being a decent character and even developed into a more thoughtful character in the end. And she made the right decision in the end.

I also liked the antagonist. I was disappointed that he was introduced so suddenly, but he lived up to his role in being a true bastard. I have to wonder if Mr. Burton meant to have him as a guy who killed the women he married on purpose to tie it in with how in the events of 19th century Russia that brides were often taken out of their carriages and murdered by anti-semites, which is what the original Corpse Bride story was based off of.

Also, I want that dog. And that maggot.

Music: Some of it good, some of it mediocre. Not as catchy or memorable as the music in Nightmare Before Christmas. Still nice work, nonetheless.

Overall Not my favorite of Mr. Burton's but still very enjoyable. It's quite short, but the pacing is right on target and there wasn't a single dull moment. Recommended to those who don't mind a few musical numbers now and then or a non-sappy ending.

- Amazing stop-motion animation and character designs.
- Victor.
- Johnny Depp's voicing Victor.
- The voices in general.
- A very uncliche ending.
- Good pacing; never tedious.
- Very imaginative.

- Cast wasn't quite as colorful as the ones in Mr. Burton's previous works.
- May be a bit too short for some.
- Music ranges from good to 'eh'.

Overall Grade: B
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