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I began re-reading Fight Club for a second time last night. It's much easier to understand once you've gotten used to the odd writing style used throughout the book. I'm eally enjoying the style now, too. And knowing The Big Thing That Happens Near The End ought to make this an interesting experience. I know I had more to say about it, but it looks like I'll have to write it down tomorrow. I know I'll have a lot more to say, too, now that I can pick up on all the details as well as study the characters a bit more.

We had a pretty loud storm today. It ended fairly quickly, but it was still...loud. Truck-dropped-on-your-roof-type loud. I fell asleep while waiting for my dad to finish up with his charts (I was at my house) and then the thunder just woke me up. I was afraid that we were going to end up with a black out, but everything was fine.

I went to my Boxing lessons again today, and all was good. I kept getting irritated by my coach's constant suggestions as to what I should eat for lunch, though. I insisted that I'd talk to my dad about it as he's a doctor, but he didn't seem to listen to me. He's a really nice guy, don't get me wrong. He's just a little nagging about that subject.

End of today's report.
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