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Or at least I am finished with the rough draft of it. Oh well. I expect it to be edited and truly completed, soon.

Now I shall check the amount of comments you have left the spam post--WHAT?!

Only 445 comments?!? You slackers. I asked for 1,000 and you give me a measly 445. I am shocked and apalled at all of you. So much for the answer to why I made you spam in the first place. It will remain to be a mystery.

However, I must thank you for the lovely porny pictures you posted. I am disappointed at the lack of females in suggestive positions, but at least I recieved a wonderful dose of HughesxRoy and Elricest. Plus a picture of Winry looking kinky.

BUT. I must say, I am especially disappointed at you, weaseldog_ltg09. You broke Rule #6 of the spam post. NO ADVERTISING. No porn for you.

Nonetheless, I will still respond to some of your posts. But you will not get The Answer. Just my responses.

EDIT: I made a fatal error. It turns out I thought weaseldog_ltg09 was advertising an RP when she was simply starting one in the spam post. NEVERMIND.
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