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I want all of you on my flist (or even all of you who aren't) to spam this entry. I'm going to be abadoning LJ for as long as it takes to get my paper done.

When my paper is finished, I expect to see 1,000 or more comments/replies to this post here. Why do I want you to spam my journal while I'm working? The answer will be revealed within the next post. I WILL KEEP YOU IN SUSPENSE GASP. You may already know the answer, but I'll post it anyway. But only if you get to at least 1,000 comments.

There are eight rules of this spam post:
#1: The first rule of this spam post is you do not talk about this spam post.
#2: The second rule of this spam post is you DO NOT talk about this spam post.
#3: If someone starts a drama here, the spam is over.
#4: No limitations as to how many are allowed to spam.
#5: One spam comment at a time.
#6: No warnings, no advertising.
#7: Spam will go on as long as it has to.
#8: If this is your first time reading this spam post, YOU HAVE TO SPAM.

That said...

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