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Well, I finally did my Boxing class again today. It was nice to beat the crap out of something for the first time in a while.

Field Day was today at school, too. It wasn't too bad, the games just weren't all that great.

And now for a random thought: I'm thinking of changing my username. The 'chan' at the end of my current username just won't stop bugging the hell out of me. The only problem is that I don't know what to change my username to. 'mp' isn't an option, as that name's already been taken, and I don't want 'mpdogz' as a username.

Anyway, I'll probably be spending a good chunk of the weekend finishing up my personal project and try to escape from the internet's powerful grasp in order to prevent future procrastination.

Last, a meme taken from ceasefire, merboo, velvet_ropes, and 5889869558655 others who did this:

1. I was born on George Washington's birthday.
2. I'm medicated for depression and allergies. I get shots every week or every other week (it really all depends) and I visit a doctor once in a while to tell him how I'm feeling (to see how the medication is working) and a psychologist every Thursday. My worst allergy is my allergy to peanuts.
3. My dad is a doctor.
4. I've been a Harry Potter fan for 5 years.
5. I want to write psychological horror stories and hope to become a published author of them when I'm older. Comics are also something I'm interested in doing in the future.
6. I'm more physically attracted to females than I am to males. Emotionally, it varies.
7. I wish that Rocko's Modern Life would come out on DVD soon.
8. My brother and I have so many things in common that it's eerie.
9. I'm awful at staying in contact with others.
10. I had oral sex with a friend of mine when I was seven. The reason I did this was because she threatened to stop being friends with me if I didn't do it. My psychologist said that this may be the cause of my depression and tendency to avoid others.
11. The thought of the apocalypse both fascinates and disturbs me.
12. The best year of my life was in 5th grade.
13. I'm a very slow reader and writer.
14. I really hate being a girl. I wish a was a guy. I often feel like a guy stuck in a girl's body.
15. I've had a great fondness for dogs since 2nd grade.
16. I'm a big fan of chase scenes.
17. I believe in sex after marriage. (Note that I hold nothing against anyone who's had sex before getting married or hope to have sex before getting married. Just a belief for how I want to live my own life.)
18. The first subtitled anime I saw was Inu-Yasha.
19. My favorite literary character is Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird.
20. My greatest fear is being locked or shut up in a small, tight place (i.e.: trunk, coffin) alive.

I can't help but think that I repeated a fact or two within this, and if so, please let me know and I'll edit it with a different fact. Because I am too lazy to check on my own and you are all my slaves HAW HAW

EDIT: Thank you, Sad, for pointing out my horrifuk error. TEEHEE.
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