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New mood theme up. A Fight Club mood theme to be precise; it was made by zaneetas. I am Joe's utter amazement. I am what will compel Joe to keep this mood theme up for a long time.

Other news: I beat Queen Bean in the Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga game. God, she was a pain in the ass to fight. It took about five tries worth of crushing up her arms, dodging beans, and jumping on her crownless head to finally beat her.

I saw Red Eye with my sisters. Awesome film. Rachel McAdams made her character emotionally believable and likable, and Cillian Murphy's character absolutely gave me the chills. Though, when he got stabbed in his throat by that pen, I half expected him to start saying 'Scarecrow'. My only real complaints about this film were the cliche ending and the lack of plot twists. But nevertheless, it was still entertaining, intense, and had a chase scene at the end. I may go see it again.

I really need to see more suspense/psychological horror movies. I think I'll be renting Wait Until Dark very soon.
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