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Well, my parents are gone on their yearly honeymoon so my sister's been staying home with me. We went to Chili's with my brother last night and all was good.

My brother told me of a time when he was alone in his apartment at night and staring at his paper blinds and pondering things. Suddenly, this bright light flashed at him and he decided to go outside to see what it was. It turns out that there was nothing there. Then another night, when his friend was over and they were in his room at night (it was approximately 10:00) and the light flashed at them again but this time, they could see a face in it and could even see its flesh and its bulging eyes. They went outside to check what it was and once again, they found nothing there.

My sister then shared some of the stories her professor in Psychology told her. One of these was about a man who had gotten in a car accident and woke up, feeling he hadn't lost any limbs when in reality, one of his arms was amputated. He said it always felt like his missing arm was sticking out and then it slowly began to bend down. Then she told another story of a man who had also lost his arm but this time whenever a doctor asked "Is your arm still there?", he'd answer "Yes", and when the doctor said, "Whose arm is it?", he'd answer, "I don't know". Apparentally, these are sometimes the results of someone getting a body part amputated but not getting a prosthetic arm. Creepy.

I had a bad cold all day, and because of it, I had difficulty getting to sleep. My eyes were watering, my head and ears were hurting, I kept coughing and sneezing...yeah. I didn't get to sleep around 1 o'clock, I think, and woke up around...8, I think? And then I went back to sleep and woke up at 11 which wasn't good as I needed to be ready for my boxing lessons at 11:30. My sister ended up cancelling the lesson and I'm feeling bad about that because it was going to be my first time doing boxing in a few months and I was looking forward to it.

I also had a dream last night that I was complaining about the lack of Dearka-centric fics in the Gundam SEED fandom and then my aunt gave me this video with a picture of a rabbit, spider, rat, and butterfly on the back of it. I then told her that I remember seeing this video when I was little and when I ended up watching it, one of the animals would come out of the screen. First a rat came out of the screen, then it went back into the screen. Then a rabbit came out of the screen and I took care of it for a bit but then accidentally left it in the car. Thankfully, it was alright and was just sleeping when I returned to it. Then there was this bit where I found out that 6th movie of Shrek came out to theaters and...that's all I can really remember.

I'm feeling better right now (my throat's stopped hurting and I don't appear to have a headache anymore) though I still cough frequently from time to time.
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