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Nothing too interesting to report. I almost made an embarassing typo at History, today, though. While copying notes off the board, I accidentally wrote 'lawl' instead of 'law'. SOMEONE GET ME AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. :(

And I remembered my dream that I was going to tell Tog today at lunch but forgot!

I can't remember much of it, but I know it had to do with this lady (nurse?) who came up to me and asked me for samples of my period. She handed me a cup and I did my business in it and handed back to her. Then she placed it on the counter and began examining it going "OOOOOH LOOK AT HOW RICH THE RED COLOR IS! OH MY GOD!" And it was very odd.

Then I think another lady tipped it into the sink the the other lady was screaming about how she was ruining the color of it and...and...that's all I remember.

The end!
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