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I've been saving my thoughts on The House in Fata Morgana for when I've finished the entire game, including its companion entries, but last night I finished the "Assento Dele" side story from Requiem and it hit me emotionally in a way I had to make a separate entry about it.

This was a particularly unique story in that holy fuck it was heartbreakingly bleak as hell!

Fata Morgana has always offered light at the end of its tunnel to even its gravest of sinners, and with Imeon’s tale, well. The fate of Imeon is unique in that it’s not one of endless torture and regret, but an anticlimactic and, as Morgana puts it, inconsequential one. Imeon isn’t even granted the hope that he’ll at least live on in Michel’s memory, as there’s no trace of him to be found in the main story.

The only hope there is for Imeon himself, as he goes to die in the woods alone, is in believing Morgana lied about Michel eventually forgetting him. Which fits pretty well with Imeon’s pre-established love of escaping into dreams.

Anyway Imeon’s internal monologue about how he felt more like himself when he was “lying” got to me hard and so did his talk about the importance of nurturing those positive feelings others give you to make your friendships with them closer and I! believe he and Michel could have been closer friends!!!
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