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Mob Psycho 100 manga ch. 95-97

I've been reading up on health tips and one that stuck out for me was (roughly paraphrasing) “log off of social media/disengage with anything that may cause tension at 8PM so you can calm your body two hours before you go to sleep.” I’ve been doing my full sleep cycles and wake up feeling anxious, even when I save checking social media for after I’ve done my morning exercise, so I’m giving this a shot...while also sort of breaking the rules by posting here. My rationality is that Livejournal isn't readily active like Twitter or (to a lesser extent at this point) Tumblr so it "doesn't count" but uh. We'll see with how well-rested I am come tomorrow.

Anyway, Mob Psycho time. Picking up where I left off.
  • Reigen asks Mob what's on his mind and Mob is surprised he wants to know that much in his own words, but when he tells Reigen what it is (that's he's gotten popular lately) Reigen is immediately disinterested--until Mob peppers in the fact he's going to visit a cult dedicated to himself. Reigen initially appears skeptical of it, looks the cult up, sees its ridiculous growing popularity, sees its undeniable connection to Mob, and thus sees….a business opportunity, of course! I laughed when I saw it coming.
  • Teru helping Mob pick out clothes is another "canon thing I picked up from fic that I assumed was headcanon". I imagine the anime is going to do a fashion montage (especially knowing Kameda-san's love of designing the characters' clothes), either as a scene or as an eyecatch.
  • Ritsu's reaction to Teru's choice of clothes for Mob is so indescribably funny

  • OH MY GOD THEY WERE ACTUALLY MOB'S CHOICE?? (To his credit, he said all the options confused him and so settled for the one that was within his budget.)
  • Mob sets out on his "big day" only to have neither of the people he planned to meet show up, then gets the news he's not the cult's "leader", and then falls, not into despair, but a sort of existential numbness ("I don't know...I don't know anything"). It's a small wonder why: Mob wishes he was more popular, he's accepted he can't simply be popular overnight, and then when he does become popular overnight it's a feeling he enjoys greatly, even if, by his own admission, he doesn't have interest in fulfilling the reason for his popularity (his seeming "leader" status)--so when the news is broken to him he naturally deflates like a balloon. Mob knows his own self-worth and the good fortune of friends it's brought him, but that doesn't make the public's 180 from total interest to total disinterest in him sting any less.
  • Mob isn't afraid of bugs and opts for the "gently take it outside" approach, immediately making me wonder how Ritsu would react…and I got my answer: the opposite of Mob, which endeared me greatly. Also reminded me of how I would probably react if I knew I had psychic powers to get rid of a spider. (Which is: still panic frantically.)
  • Everyone but Mob is terrified of bugs, it seems.
  • Oh! Minegishi is back! And he's working at a flower shop…another thing I thought was just a headcanon.
  • Oh, the Body Improvement Club doesn't mind bugs either. That leaves Tome and her gang, Serizawa, Shou…
  • looool Reigen can't handle Mob's shirt.
  • Mob doesn't think the self-proclaimed "leader" of the Psycho Helmet Cult is a bad guy, but won't stand for him tricking others--this is very similar to a scene earlier in the series when he says people who con others are the worst in front of Reigen. I thought the ending of the "Separation" arc implied Mob has Reigen figured out, and this doesn't necessarily deter my interpretation--at this point, it's a matter of Reigen just admitting it to Mob, how Mob will take it, and how that will shift their relationship.
  • More importantly for this current arc however, this raises the stakes for Mob's eventual confrontation with Dimple. I don't think Mob will be surprised to learn it's Dimple--it might even soften the blow that of course it's Dimple who's responsible. But if his confrontation with Touichiro was any indication, it's going to be another case where it's not a battle that determines its conclusion. It's going to be a lot more personal.
  • I think there's a chance Reigen may not be brainwashed, and it's going to hurt Mob when he realizes it. We'll see.
  • Chapter 97 was long and intense and I was in an emotionally vulnerable state when reading it, so my thoughts on that specific one are a bit of a blur. It's difficult to assess how much of my being on the verge of tears while reading it was a result of my emotional state at the time, but that I'm reluctant to revisit it to get clearer thoughts because it was just So Much speaks to its power, I think. It goes without saying it's going to be amazing animated.
  • Dimple's observations of Tsubomi were interesting, but what was most interesting to me was his conclusion that she isn't the type to compromise who she is in order to make herself palatable to others. The last time we saw her, she was fretting over how a runny nose would appear in front of her admiring peers. Dimple's assessment isn't inaccurate, but it misses the fact that, at the end of the day, Tsubomi is as much an ordinary teenager as Mob is, with her own struggles and insecurities. I don't think Tsubomi and Mob will become a couple by the end of the series (as much as I ship it), and I think Dimple's words will play a vital role in Mob understanding why he can't be part of Tsubomi's life if she does turn him down--but that other, unrecognized aspect of her is going to be even more crucial.
  • This scene of Mob telling Dimple "you're not the real Dimple" echoes the scene where Ritsu confesses he's been terrified of Mob and Mob responds "I know that's not true."
  • Oh wow, it wasn't Mob's shirt that ended up being the Chekov's gun of this arc but the hilarious responses it got. Leave it to ONE-sensei to spin something initially funny into something deeply emotional.
  • Related to the above, something I continue to love about this series is how the emotions of the characters are often anchored by these very, very simple desires, and it's the fact that they're simple that leaves these characters tied in knots emotionally. Because how do you express how important it is to you that you be popular, or be someone special, or be someone at all to another person? And Mob treats it with the fullest gravity and understanding, even when it's something as seemingly "shallow" as "a friend wanted my attention".
  • I unfortunately got spoiled that Dimple comes back by the end of the series, but he and Mob saying their goodbyes to one another really got to me.
  • Mob going home pretending everything is alright and then going to bed sobbing destroyed me.
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