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I broke the first ever bone in my life at work--my fingers were wrapped up in one of the longer, cord-like leashes we use for our trickier and more energetic dogs and the lab I was handling pulled hard enough to break the bone, I guess. In retrospect, it's amazing this has been the only injury I've sustained in my five years of working here, because I've wrangled with numerous other ridiculously strong (stronger than this one, I'd wager), energetic dogs that felt like they'd dislocate my arm as I walked them out to the yard to be played with.

Fortunately, it was not an arm that was broken, but a finger on my non-dominant hand, and fortunately, I'm covered by workers comp. Unfortunately, this leaves me one-handed due to the recovery and the splint, which I can't take off for the time being.

This naturally leaves me with a lot of time on my hands, which I've mostly been using to to watch things. Right now I'm watching Defunctland, a YouTube series covering the history of closed-down theme park attractions that I highly recommend if that subject is of interest to you. I'd seen a couple episodes out of order before and was suddenly overcome with the desire to just watch them all.

I also finished watching the 2004 anime adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix series a couple days ago. I haven't checked out the original manga, but this anime still felt a bit constrained both by the time it was made (when anime was trying to figure out how to use digi-paint in a way that didn't look overly-polished or shiny) and by the lack of a creative direction, which is a shame because the concepts it presents are fascinating. The final story, "Future", was largely devastating and disturbing, a lot like if the ending of the Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last" were stretched out to an additional twenty minutes. In fact, I'd like to talk about it.

The story takes place on a dying Earth and centers on a young man named Masato, who is given eternal life by the show's titular Phoenix. One thing leads to another and soon he's the last living being on Earth.

The story goes to agonizing lengths to ensure the utter bleakness and inescapable loneliness of his fate--his girlfriend, the last living being with him, dies, he attempts to repair a robot in hopes of communicating with it but it can only repeat a single sentence, he finds a way to recreate microscopic life only for it to die, he finds a cryostasis chamber hosting a woman set to open in 5000 years and tries killing time by tending to the remains of plant life, only for that to die, and waits, physically aging into an old man by the time the chamber is ready to open--only to discover a corpse inside, and he can do nothing but watch time continue to pass.

It manages to end on a uplifting note, however. Masato comes to an epiphany that his very essence is meant to bring life back to the Earth, and he watches it all return before he's finally at peace and spiritually reunited with his loved one.

I've omitted many, many details crucial to this story (I was originally writing up paragraphs upon paragraphs detailing it and even those had details omitted), but needless to say, it completely captivated me. I realize I'm missing the story's greater philosophical point by fixating on this particular detail, but whenever something manages to unnerve me on such a level I can't stop thinking about it and the level of imagination that goes into it. The lengths the story went to capture what that hypothetical loneliness would be like were so hauntingly striking. I'm very interested in checking out the manga.

Outside of that, Winter Wonder Festival 2020 happened, I hoped to see Mob Psycho figures of any kind and got none, but I'm ultimately ok with it because: a) we're getting a Reigen figure this year, and b) my other wish came true: CASCA'S GETTING A NEW STATUE. What's wild is that I was joking on my Twitter about her not getting a figure (Berserk figures have been coming practically every year and nothing of Casca since her figma in 2012) and she gets, not a figure, but a beautiful statue. I weep for this miracle, and my wallet.
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