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Saw Rise of Skywalker

The thing that immediately set the tone from "I'll see where things go from here" to "Oh no" was the moment Kylo was told "Be careful, she [Rey] is no ordinary girl" or something along the lines that hinted at her parentage being a Big Thing. I was genuinely shocked at the amount of fan controversy stirred over The Last Jedi's "they were nobody" answer when I thought The Force Awakens had already given that exact answer--something I was down with! I really think that was something JJ Abrams was down with too, and as much as I try not to tinfoil hat over what possible hand the TLJ backlash played in the production of this movie, it's hard not to think it influenced his decision there, especially with the tacked-on "they did it to protect you."

I had a good laugh over "Rey, granddaughter of Palpatine"...and didn't end up completely hating it, actually? It's an unabashed beat for beat rehash of Luke's arc in the original trilogy, but I'm a sucker for heroes with intimate unavoidable ties to villains, which gives the final confrontation some extra kick. Unfortunately, the family tie isn't developed or explored sufficiently enough--a consequence of going two entire movies without it--that the way it concludes doesn't feel earned.

I liked Rey getting to choose her own family name at the end, bringing the movie's title to full circle. I think that was what I liked best about the movie.

I'm pro-Ben redemption, I think that was the most interesting route they could have taken that character, though this wasn't the way I'd hoped it'd go down. Redemption of a villain having to live with the reality of what he's done? Yes! Redemption of a villain ending in his death? No! The redemption process felt too quick and clean too. I did like the scene with him envisioning Han's ghost and recreating the moment of his murder that ends in love, though.

I'm struggling to remember what else I thought of it. I liked Finn finding another former Stormtrooper, I wish more was done with that and his background. Rey putting Luke and Leia's lightsabers together was sweet. Rey, Finn, and Poe never really managed to "click" as a trio, which was unfortunate. Rose's demotion from major character to minor character with only a few lines was infuriating. I like Reylo, but similar to Ben's redemption, I don't think this is how I wanted it to go down. Poe's Disney corporation-assigned "He's not gay!!" bounty hunter girlfriend with the sexy strut was lol. Too many fakeout deaths. Not enough Lando.

Don't have much desire to revisit this one. I'm glad these sequels happened because they got me to rewatch and fall in love with the original trilogy, but I think this is where me and Star Wars part ways as a franchise.
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