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Mob Psycho manga ch. 1-94

Patience is a virtue, and I consider myself a patient person...but Dark Horse is alarmingly slow with releasing volumes of the manga here, I don't expect an anime adaptation to come out for another couple of years, I need more canon material, and I need to read fanfic without being spoiled. I think I can allow myself to unwrap a present early.

I cover just a bit of what the anime has adapted; most of this is about the material following s2, so be warned if you want to avoid spoilers.
  • It’s been really interesting to see things that have been re-arranged and added to the anime in a way that benefits the medium, but most importantly, achieve the same end results (especially in the emotional climaxes) as the manga did in its own way.

  • With that said, I actually think the anime made the right call in trimming down the events of Mogamiland. It was interesting to see how much more violent the original was, but at the end of the day, Mob’s suffering really isn’t the most important takeaway from it. The way the anime approaches it in its own nightmarish way—with a muted color palette and a noticeable, uncanny stylistic change to the animation, along with scenes of Mob being bullied was a great way to convey “this kid’s been put through hell” without dragging it on. Again, at the end of the day, Mob’s suffering isn’t the important takeaway from that arc, and the anime focusing on what is important—Mob regaining his sense of self, the uniquely good set of circumstances and friends that brought him there, the acknowledgment of “yes, a worse version of myself could have existed without all of those things in my favor—but that’s not who I am, that’s not the me that matters in this moment”—is what should be the audience’s biggest takeaway from that arc.
  • There's a subtle difference in the Separation Arc that I haven't seen commented on: during the flashback right after Reigen imparts his life-changing words of wisdom to Mob (and before he accidentally knocks his tea over that makes Mob reveal his powers), the next panel that follows is Reigen saying "You came to talk again?" implying that Mob had been seeing Reigen regularly before working for him. This omission works for the anime, but I'd also love to have seen those missing scenes of little Mob visiting Reigen. Hmm, maybe there's an omake out there touching on this that I haven't gotten to yet?

  • Whoops, ONE beat me to the punch on my fanfic.

  • Oh well! I left it deliberately ambiguous what specific horror movie it was. I'm charmed that Mob gets easily startled by jumpscares.
  • Mob liking action movies sort of blows a hole in the "he doesn't usually choose the movies himself" detail of my fic too...or maybe those are among his favorite of what he's seen with his family. Or maybe he starts picking out more movies himself after that fic. I don't know. I don't think this is a detail that will bother readers but it helps set my own perfectionistic mind at ease.

  • Mob's animal zodiac is a tiger! I'd noticed tiger!Mob in fanart (though not nearly as popular as panther or domesticated cat forms for him) and wasn't sure where it came from, aside from--when paired with fox!Reigen--nicely paralleling a certain Chinese folktale.

  • Reigen kept the tomato plant after all? I guess Mob gave it back to him.

  • Oh my god Reigen's animal zodiac is a rat, haha. All this time I thought the fanart was just because it suited his personality the most (along with a fox's).

  • I also thought Reigen getting into gardening was more of a headcanon spawned from his one-off mention of starting a business with plants, but I'm glad it's canon!

  • Mob having intrusive thoughts over grounded issues (his future, his costume for the culture festival) in the face of supernatural danger is just one of many reasons I love this series.

  • It's neat to see the theme of abandoning shortcuts in favor of living a difficult yet fulfilling life continue to be explored outside of the context of Mob's powers. Here, he's wanting to do a more elaborate costume for his class's haunted house over simply using white sheets and calling it a day (what the rest of his costume group wants). It's especially important that it's in a context where he isn't necessarily gaining anything for himself (muscles, Tsubomi's attention), it's not even a subject he's passionate about--he sees that they were entrusted with a certain responsibility and wants to see to it that they can put in their best effort. That his efforts ultimately don't pay off (he makes the costume but due to poor lighting no one gets to see it) is also important in showing how Mob will continue to do the right thing regardless of whether it gets him his desired results. That something was ventured and nothing was gained is more fulfilling than nothing being ventured and nothing being gained.
  • So, I knew about maid Ritsu beforehand, but...

  • I had no idea Shou showed up as a customer too oh my god. The doujin writes (and draws) itself.
  • Tsubomi continues to be an interesting character, revealing more details about her while keeping her in this zone of "mysterious" and "surprisingly normal". I believe this is the first time we get her POV on this intimate of a level, and I love it's over a very mundane yet completely understandable issue (I think we've all been there in having something unexpected and gross like a runny nose happen to us that we desperately want to hide from our fellow peers). I mentioned earlier that I loved Mob being concerned with "less important" matters in the face of what's in front of him and that wasn't meant to be taken in a humorous tone--that ONE understands how seemingly little things can mean even more to a person than something "objectively" bigger is one of the series' most endearing and moving qualities. I loved how this is further demonstrated in the way the matter is concluded with Mob giving her a tissue and Mob's greatest experienced high being--not Tsubomi's expressed gratitude, not even just giving Tsubomi that tissue--but her saying "see you" that leaves him feeling high as a kite. The little things.

  • Emi came back! I thought she was one-off character but I was so happy to see her again, even with as brief as her appearance was.

  • "Why don't you stop doing bad things?" And Dimple exits out. What will he do next, now that he's gained significantly more power and failed (yet again) into recruiting Mob to work with him?

  • And what of Mob, whose receiving even a little attention from girls transforms him into some Robbie Rotten abomination? Until next time.
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