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Stars (Kaiji fic)

Summary: One last date.
Content warnings: Spoilers for the manga, might or might not have a sting at the end, depending on how you interpret it.


"This could be our last time together, huh?"

Kazuya squats low to the ground with a cigarette nestled between two fingers. He takes a puff of smoke and blows it to the stars.

"I don't believe in crap like the afterlife, or reincarnation, or whatever…" he says, watching as the trail of smoke vanishes away, "…but if you became one of those stars…well, heh, I wouldn't believe that either, but I think it'd be a fitting enough fate for you."

He reaches into his jacket pocket, takes out a book, and slides it forward.

"Here, it's on me. I know you think it's garbage but…I don't think I've known anyone else who's had such a strong reaction to my work. Nah, not just strong."

He brings the cigarette back to his lips and inhales thoughtfully.

"Honest. I know that publisher who approved it was full of shit. 'I'd change nothing about it!' my ass. You, however…you wasted no time expressing your true feelings to me!"

Kazuya shakes his head and frowns slightly. "The closest anyone's ever been to me. Guess it's a good thing it'll end on a high note."

A hand grips his shoulder.

"Young Master, it's time."

"Well then. See ya, Kaiji."

He stubs the cigarette out at the base of the gravestone.


Notes: For maneggirights, who requested Boukai for the FKMT Valentine's Day gift exchange on Twitter.

I left it open-ended whether this takes place before One Poker-hen or after One Poker-hen in an alternate universe. I hope you enjoyed reading!
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