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All I want to do is prattle on about Mob Psycho 100. The first season was really good, but it never reached the point where I felt passionately about it as a whole (save for Mob and Reigen, who I adore to no end).

But the second season. The second season has seized my heart in a vise-grip; it's everything that was so good about the first season but with even more emphasis on what made it such: the lessons of life that are at once sobering and uplifting, the highly poignant, highly entertaining dynamic between Mob and Reigen, Mob and Reigen themselves as characters, who are among the best-written I've seen in recent anime, the animation where every frame counts even when it's not an action scene...

But what I've really been adoring about this season is the stronger focus on the supernatural as being truly supernatural. The spirits here range from mischievous to violently antagonistic to passively benevolent in ways that are strikingly eerie in presentation (well before it cranks it into full gear in episode 5, even!). It's something I've craved from supernatural-themed anime for the longest time: something that really understands the concept and weight of the unknown, as opposed to another monster of the week.

Mob and Reigen continue to be the stars though, make no mistake. I both can't stop gushing about and am at a total loss for words for how to gush about them, they're just so expertly crafted in this way that's different and refreshing and captures all the nuances of adolescence and adulthood and...! I ended up rewatching season one and the recap OVA, because I couldn't get enough of them. They're the embodiment of something so engrossing they could be peeling paint and they'd have my undivided attention.

I hope the second season continues on with this stride of quality. It's been so long since I've felt this excitedly overjoyed about something on a weekly basis.
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