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Beat FF7

I had a draft of this post saved that I held off posting until I had more in-depth thoughts to share, but it turns out I don't have many, if any. I absorbed so much of this game through fandom osmosis that it resulted in me having difficulty formulating my own unique thoughts on it. This happens a lot, where I expose myself to the fandom of a work I'm interested in, so much that I take it all in, leaving little room left for me to actually interpret it. It's not so much a case of spoilers, which I mostly successfully avoided (with the exception of a certain very infamous character death) as it is reading various analyses of it ahead of time because I want to come out of the game with the "right" opinion. In a lot of ways, I think what I'm expected to believe or feel (example: "This story will make you cry") are bigger "spoilers" than actual plot-related ones are.

But on to the game. I do I have thoughts, but they're mostly assumptions of mine that were proven false. Namely, Cloud's backstory. I heard being a clone was part of it and immediately pieced together that he had to be a clone of Zack. It made perfect sense to me with Cloud's memory problems, Zack's visual appearance being little more than a hair palette-swapped version of Cloud's, Aerith's constant comparing of Cloud to Zack...but no, that wasn't the case at all, and that completely blew my mind because I believed that assumption to be a fact for years.

I also assumed Cloud was just a full-blown clone with no memories, which left me pretty confused when the revelation of him being a clone of Sephiroth came about. I ended up having to read up on Cloud's backstory because so many of my assumptions were overlapping with what the game presented that when Cloud brought up things like his childhood with Tifa I'd be sitting there, trying to figure out how this newly-formed clone had those memories to begin with. But no, he wasn't so much a clone as he was another kind of lab experiment.

Despite coming out of the game with no strong feelings on it due to what I described earlier, I am excited for the remake. I just watched the trailer for it again and got so jazzed. The addition of voice acting alone already makes the game feel far more engaging than the original, the updated environments look stunning, and, as someone who's not a fan of turn-based battle systems, I wholly welcome the change to a real-time-based one. I think, unlike the original game, I'll actually be leaving this one with opinions I can actually call my own. It's exciting!

After finishing FF7, I thought I'd burned out on turn-based RPGs for the time being, but now I have an inexplicable urge to play FF8?
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