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2017 reflection and the new year

I approach the end of this year with no strong feelings about it. There were good things, and there were bad (mostly on a worldwide scale), neither strong enough to sway opinion one way or the other. I'd say for myself, however, I accomplished a lot. I wrote the most I'd ever written since 2011, I read more books than I had in years, and I finally made the decision to do testosterone shots (I am on my fifth week as of writing this). I continue to work contentedly at my job at the dog boarding facility, which I will soon be approaching my third year on. It's not a job I envision as my lifelong one, but I love dogs, I love minimal interaction with people, and for now, in this moment, it'll do.

The most notable thing of the year for me, however, and it's dorky as hell because it's not life-related! But it's true: Samurai Jack was the bright spot of my year. I finally checked it out after owning the DVDs for years, and I fell in love. When the fifth season aired, I fell even harder, and now that it's concluded, and now that I've seen the series three times in its entirety, I can say with confidence that it's my favorite show of all time. Every time I put it on I experience pure joy, I see newfound beauty in things around me, I get hit with inspiration and other emotions. I checked out the tie-in comics, junior novels, and even the video games; these tie-ins varied in quality (and the video games could have been much better), but it didn't lessen the sheer joy I felt getting more Samurai Jack in my life. Not since Kaiji has a series inspired such a passion within me--both for the work itself and in my creative output. I've written not only a glut of stories for it, but I've even made my own ita bag for the character Ashi (if you don't know what an ita bag is, you can read about them here here), and a damn snowglobe for my OTP, and you bet I checked out that one-night screening of the premiere movie. I love it to bits and I look forward to the joy it'll bring me as I revisit it again and again.

New Year's resolutions:
* Connect with my siblings more. I'm the youngest of my family, and the age gap between me and my siblings is significant--all of them are married, two of them have children, and one of them is expecting. They always made an effort to get to know me, but for a while, I think the both of us knew I was too young to really connect with them on an equal level. They've continued to make attempts to reach out to me every once in a while--and it's time I started making my own to reach out to them. It won't be easy on my part, because I'm still extremely timid when it comes to reaching out, and I'm always "But their children, they're probably busy..." but my therapist made a good point that they'd probably be flattered to hear me taking interest in connecting with them of my own initiative. I'd like for the strongest bond in my family not to be limited to my parents, and I think they'd like that too.

* Use the library more. This one sounds pretty silly, but I am such a packrat when it comes to books that I look back on all the stacks of unread material I have and I get stressed over shelf space and when I'll read them and what to keep and--why not just use the library? There's a time limit, so I'll have the motivation to read throughout each day (especially if it's one I've wanted to read), and if it ends up being one I love so much I need a copy for myself, I'll get a copy then.

...and that's about it. The rest is mostly just keeping at my hobbies I don't think I indulge in enough (reading) and the ones that have been lifelong passions of mine (writing). Maybe I'll try drawing again.
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