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10 years of gay lawyers

I've browsed through my Ace Attorney tag and, according to one of the entries, I finished the first game on June 17th, 2007, making today its tenth anniversary. I'm not sure what day was the day I "officially" joined the fandom, or what even qualifies as "joining" a fandom (is it expressing interest in the product? is it making fan material for it? It's still a mystery to me), but I think it's fair to mark today as the day that I've been in it for a decade.

There's been a number of fandoms I've joined over a decade ago, many of which are still important to me today, but I have to make a special mention for Ace Attorney. Not only is it the fandom I've been the most persistently involved in, but, well, it's probably the one that's changed my life the most. There's been many, many life-changing works I've encountered and will continue to encounter, but this is the one that helped me to clarify a lot about myself and shape the person I aspired to be. Through playing the games, through writing fanfiction, I learned so much about myself, and I think I learned a great deal about others as well. And it's given me so, so many good memories, I've no idea where to begin.

I suppose it's odd, because it isn't as though Ace Attorney is a deeply psychological work or character study (this is the franchise where you interrogate a parrot), though it certainly dabbles in those topics. Yet, I've seen others who've been similarly affected by it as I have. As corny as it may sound, maybe the franchise revealed a few Psyche-Locks within our own hearts in need of breaking that we didn't know we had.

Thank you for the memories, Ace Attorney. Here's looking to ten more years of it.

(It still feels weird to call it “Ace Attorney” and not “Phoenix Wright.”)
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