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A Cure for Wellness

I loved this movie. I saw it a second time today both to itch the scratch that wanted to see it again, and to double-check and see if I really did love it. To clarify the latter point: on my first viewing I seemed to be...determined? to love it, despite the many critics I trusted handwaving it as a mediocre rental-only viewing. But something about this movie grabbed me and wouldn't let go until I saw it and then whoops that only tightened its grip on me. I was completely sucked in from beginning to end and that didn't change on a second viewing--in fact, there were times throughout my second viewing where I needed to use the restroom but opted to wait it out, even though I already knew how the scene would play out.

Unlike many critics, even those who enjoyed the film, the movie didn't ever overstay its welcome for me. If anything, it left me wanting more. I'm chomping at the bit for a novelization or an art book or something to quench my thirst (...very purposefully chosen phrasing of words) for more material until the home release where it'll hopefully have some decent extras. I've seen many speculate that this may become a cult classic, and I really hope so because I am dying to discuss it and view others' interpretations of it.

It's disgusting and beautiful and endlessly compelling and absolutely not for everyone (dental horror, body horror, animal death, suicide, incest, and attempted rape are among some of the potentially upsetting subject matter). For me, it hit all of the right buttons hard, and I'm seriously considering a third viewing.
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