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Sleepless (Ace Attorney fic)

Phoenix Wright Kink Meme fill, written for Day Two of the Wright-A-Thon, and this request: Adrian masturbating desperately to thoughts of either Celeste or Franziska. Or both. Perhaps in prison. and she could get caught. >_>

Brief suicide mention, but that’s it for warnings.


When Adrian couldn't sleep, she could always turn to writing to lull her back. She'd jot down any details she'd forgotten about the upcoming day, write lists that were both of importance and of pure self-indulgence, or stare at an object in the room and describe it in detail. Sometimes she'd write her own thoughts down, but she'd put a lock on those since she met Celeste. She'd insist to herself that she stopped because it could potentially frame her as thoroughly unprofessional if anyone were to discover a book full of her thoughts and secrets, but she knew it was mostly because she was just afraid of facing her inner desires and demons in any way. It wasn't until that trial that she learned it was impossible for her to continue running away from herself. She was ready to pour her heart out on paper now.

Alas, she was without any pen or paper here in prison. They thought she'd try and kill herself with the pen, of course.

Adrian turned in her stiff bed, as though any physical activity she performed, no matter how small, would hopefully, eventually tire her out. She knew it was a futile effort, she'd be better off jogging in this small space if she were to achieve a state of exhaustion. But she couldn't bring herself to leave the prison bed--for all of its uncomfortably flat glory, the blankets wrapped around her still did their job in ensuring she'd be protected from the cold of the night.

She found herself thinking of Celeste. Celeste's arms wrapped around her, warming her, keeping her safe. She could feel her mentor's velvety lips brush against her neck, planting teasingly soft kisses against it. Adrian would sigh in contentment, and feel Celeste grin mischievously against her hair has she snaked a hand up to cup one of Adrian's breasts. Her thumb would circle around, massaging it, before inching upward to the tip of her nipple.

Adrian gasped and shot up from her bed, only now becoming aware that one of her hands was sliding down into her pants. She couldn't believe how flushed she just made herself in this cool prison cell. It was especially surprising considering this was a fantasy that wasn't any different from the many others she had in her apartment bedroom. Perhaps it was the prison setting that gave her an added sense of thrill, knowing she could be caught by someone at any moment. Still, she tried batting these thoughts away--she couldn't keep clinging to the past. She shouldn't.

It made her heart sink to think it wasn't simply because she had to move on.

She found herself returning to Celeste's arms, Celeste continuing where she left off in pressing her thumb against her nipple. The rest of her soft, manicured fingers would continue cupping her breast while giving it a squeeze once in a while, when she caught Adrian off-guard. Celeste's neck kisses would trail upward to her ear, giving it a lick before biting softly into it. Adrian tried not to make any noise, or else Celeste would deem her an unworthy pupil. She clenched her teeth, trying to hold back the whimper of ecstasy desperately trying to claw its way out of her throat.

Celeste's other hand wandered down to Adrian's genitals, her leather gloved fingers brushing as teasingly against them as her kisses against her neck did.

Wait…gloved fingers.

There was more than one woman in this fantasy.

Adrian whipped her head around only to find a coiled-up whip pressed against her cheek, and the striking, smirking, proud face of that young prosecutor woman. She moved back a distance away from Adrian, and Adrian, knowing perfectly well where this was going, felt the white-hot crack of the whip against her cheek, and let out that yelp she'd been withholding, falling to the ground. Adrian brought a quivering hand up to her injured cheek and closed her eyes as she pressed her fingers against the stinging injury, as though she'd just been kissed there.

Her eyes fluttered open to meet the disapproving glares of the two women. Von Karma's booted stiletto heel dug into her chest, pushing Adrian on her back while Celeste pressed her palms against her legs, looking like a hungry tiger ready to pounce its prey. Von Karma stood over her now, her grey eyes piercing into her own. The prosecutor bent down, her short hair brushing down and tingling against Adrian's cheeks and she soon found her lips engulfed with the warm wetness of Von Karma's. Adrian let out a muffled cry as she felt a similar sensation taking place between her legs. She could barely move away from the prosecutor's firm, entrapping kiss before vaguely making out the image of Celeste licking her there. Her mentor's tongue entered her just as Von Karma's entered her mouth, and she found herself drowning in pleasure. Unable to make noise, unable to move, at the mercy of these two merciless women.

Adrian held back a moan as she felt herself reaching her peak. She panted lightly, wiping the sweat from her brow, and kicking the blankets off of her to let the air cool down her heated body. She didn't care how she'd look to the guards if they saw her before waking up. She could now close her eyes with ease, imagining herself trapped in an endless cycle of pleasure between the two women she adored.
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