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Ever since I moved into this apartment I’ve been granted some very Mystical Bird Experiences.

The first was a small bird that would habitually visit every morning, climbing on my screen door. Eventually, the bird seemed to gain awareness of the fact that I did not in fact stay in one place, and would move on to the screen window where I was hanging out in the back room, and then the screen window of my bedroom.

At work, I was granted the unicorn-level-rare privilege of seeing a hawk fly overhead with a snake in its talons. This wasn’t a small chump snake either, it was a long enough that it dangled from its claws.

Now, you’d think that’d be the crown jewel of my bird encounters. For a while, I thought so too. I’m still not over that one. But that wasn’t the wildest of my experiences.

Just this evening, a large bird landed on my stair rail just outside my front door. I thought it was a crow at first, but then I saw it was too big to be one, and when I got clear view of it I saw it was a fucking falcon.
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