MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

I posted about this on Twitter and figured it’d be good advice to post here as well.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people lamenting when their favorite show or film or other piece of media does something troubling if not downright damaging. “Oh well, I guess I have a problematic fave now,” is typically the response of resignation. Despite Tumblr’s past insistence that no work of media is perfect, and even poking fun at the idea of it, there still remains fixation on sorting things out into Problematic and Unproblematic boxes; I’ve even seen the phrase “unproblematic fave” used multiple times and...while I know it’s usually all in good fun, it kind of misses the point of critical thinking.

All of your favorite works of media are problematic. It’s not a matter of figuring out whether something is Problematic or Not. It's a matter of: a) recognizing the problem and understanding why it’s a problem and b) not repeating the example it sets.

It’s a learning process, not a labeling one.
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