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Dieting talk

I've been really discontent and unhappy with my body for the past few, several years. I know I don't look unhealthy from a visual or medical standpoint, but I'm mostly soft when I'd rather be lean and muscular, and it produces these really awful dysmorphic feelings. I'd been putting off trying out testosterone because I've been worried of how the fat would look when it was re-distributed in my body (possibly making me feel even worse about it). I'd been doing workouts, but that alone wasn't going cutting it and I was getting really anxious to lose weight. My previous diet wasn't great, I have a hard time transitioning to new tastes, and vegetables in particular are hard for me to enjoy. I wanted to gain a body I could feel proud of, and revise my diet to be a healthier one, but that seemed impossible.

Luckily, it's not. My sister and her husband went on a certain diet that gave them both extremely fit bodies and re-adjusted their tastebuds. It's the diet I'm on now, it's a rather drastic one, but I was completely determined to seize the challenge if it meant feeling good about my appearance. One part of it involved drinking health shakes three times a day--they aren't great-tasting, but easily consumable. The other part is where it gets difficult, and that's cutting out all the high-carb and sugar contents I had in my previous diet altogether. I'd have healthy snacks in between, drink lots of water, and a dinner consisting of high protein and vegetables.

My sister told me the first three days were the hardest, and I can attest to it being true. I've been experiencing extreme hunger, craving my old foods like I never had before, and just the sight of foods I enjoy but couldn't have when going into the market was kind of torture to say the least. There's also a great sense of sadness in having to say goodbye to your comfort foods.

Regardless, I've kept on trucking along. It hasn't been easy, but I remain determined as ever to see it through, and my family's been a great source of support. I hope to post some incredible "before" and "after" pictures in the future.
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