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Just a tiny rant about something in the Steven Universe fandom

I'm fine with people not being into Jasper/Lapis because it's an unhealthy relationship, but I'm absolutely baffled by people who go for Peridot/Lapis instead and treat it like it's a "healthier" alternative. We may not have seen Peridot forcefully grab Lapis by the arm on-screen like we did with Jasper, but we did see Lapis looking visibly terrified in "The Message" when she was talking about Peridot. I'm 99.9% certain Peridot was the one who took Lapis prisoner, too. I think if she re-discovered Lapis, she'd try and take her prisoner again, using her as a map or compass for navigating Earth and finding Steven and the crystal gems. In other words, I think she views her as much of an object as Jasper does.

I think many let Peridot/Lapis slide partly because, again, we didn't witness their relationship on-screen, and partly because we've gotten to know Peridot as a lovable character beyond being a villain (and a lot less of a threat--physically speaking, at least--than Jasper is). But I still tilt my head...a lot at people who respond with "Jasper/Lapis has nothing positive about it, Peridot and Lapis should run off together!"

This doesn't mean people can't ship Peridot/Lapis, of course (I ship Jasper/Lapis like burning). But shipping it because it's somehow more morally acceptable than what Jasper/Lapis have going on is kind of ludicrous.
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