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short 2014 reflection

I did not meet (nor come anywhere close to reaching) my 10 of each medium goal this year, but that does not mean I came out of this year unaccomplished, either. I've acquired my BA, I've moved into a great place, and I have a wonderful significant other in my life. A lot of brand-new things have entered my life this year and, for once, I'm not reacting with fear or apprehension.

After a battle with anxiety and depression in 2012 and a struggle to bury the memories in 2013, 2014 was honestly an overall good year for me.

2014 Fanfic Roundup Post

Ace Attorney
Tremble - Franziska, Edgeworth, gen, safe for work; written for the following request on the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme: I would like to see someone comfort Edgeworth during an earthquake and helping him endure the aftershocks please. ^^

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Caretaker - Jonathan/Speedwagon, safe for work. Speedwagon wants to help out Jonathan in some way.

Nightmares - Post-Phantom Blood, Speedwagon-centric, gen. As the title indicates, Speedwagon dealing with nightmares.

Two in the Family - Pre-Battle Tendency, Erina/Speedwagon, safe for work. Bonding over a newfound dog.

Great Responsibility - Kaiji becomes a superhero, gen.

Ghosts - Kazuya-centric gen, warning for major character death; the ghosts that visited that never haunted, and the ghost that never visited but haunted.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
Companionship, and Someday, Even Love - Marshal Mallow/China Princess soulmates AU, safe for work.

Team Fortress 2
Learning - Spy/Scout teacher/student AU, safe for work.

Meet the Norm - Scout/Pauling, touches upon pretty suggestive territory, but mostly safe for work; trans Scout on a date with Pauling.

Soldier tells a video game creepypasta - Exactly what it says; silly, safe for work parodyfic.

That...makes a grand total of 10 fics written this year! I'm rather pleased with that turn out; here's to writing more next year!
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