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I just had an extremely disturbing dream that left me shaking. It contains the subject of child death, abuse, and drug use, and I request that anyone thinking of making any "Haha, must really hate children, huh?" jokes (the reason I was initially reluctant to post this)--don't.

I'm writing it down in hopes of cleansing it from my mind.

First, it didn't start out about children. It was about someone I loved who had just died, and a friend of mine (no one I actually know in real life, just a dream-exclusive, unknown one) kept texting jokes about that person dying to me. It got me so upset I sent them an angry text message telling them I hated them and didn't ever want to see them again. They sent back a text that sounded completely unlike them, saying goodbye and that they loved me. Then I felt bad and tried to reach them back via text, and that was where that segment of the dream ended. It was terrifying because I've definitely known people who've acted like this in real life--being terrible one moment, then guilt-tripping you into thinking they're actually good the next so you'll stay their friend, and the cycle continues. But I think the person I talked to in this dream had honestly committed suicide afterwards.

There was another part of the dream that involved me watching a television show where these kids kept hiding whenever they were discussing gender identity out of fear that other kids would hear and try to bully/hurt them. There was a similar segment in the dream where I was alone at my parents', hiding underneath the blankets, and I had just turned on some really expensive security system for some reason?

Something involving explosives and Phoenix Wright. Something else involving the Colbert Report.

And then came the really disturbing part of the dream. I think I was watching some kind of Twilight Zone-esque television program. A little girl had killed her friend, then pretended she was alive by spending time with her over the weekend, carrying her around, and eventually dumping her in the ocean so it'd seem like she'd just drown and she wouldn't be suspected of murder. The dead girl's body was found, and the girl's friend who had killed her mourned her death very, very convincingly. It was hard to tell if she was genuine--if maybe she had really believed that corpse was alive all along and tried to spend time with it before giving it a proper "death"--or if she was faking it, that she was secretly pleased she had carried out this murder.

Then it cut to her at home with her mother, and she (the little girl) took out a packet of powder from her pocket, smiling mischievously to herself. It turned out to be some kind of drug. Before she could use it, her mother snatched it away from her and told her she shouldn't be doing things like this. That was all well and good, but then the girl demanded it back and the mother's personality changed entirely--she snapped at her child, cursing her out, eyes bulging angrily. She looked terrifying. It was then revealed (and apparently the "twist" of the episode that explained everything, somehow) that the mother was a drug addict herself.

The dream ended and I woke up.
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