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Stream-of-consciousness Korra finale thoughts

Summary: so happy.

I'm not sure if I should be disappointed that I didn't record my reactions ("Eh, I never really visibly react at anything what would be the point?" Hahahaha oh, me.) or relieved....because I made some pretty embarrassing noises and reactions throughout this finale.

Part I made the most embarrassing noise at and wouldn't shut up about: VARRICK PROPOSING TO ZHU LI. HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! THAT!! THAT WAS SO PERFECT!! TOO PERFECT. THANK YOU.

My jaw dropped when Hiroshi sacrificed himself for Asami...I guess I shouldn't be surprised at another on-screen death given Book 3's finale, but I actually teared up a little.

Suyin and Lin supporting each other, Mako and Bolin supporting each other. Siblings supporting each other, good.

Korra vs. Kuvira round 2 was great...their talk together was even better. It was exactly what I wanted. I think the only thing more I could have wanted would be some kind of flashback with Kuvira as a child, but I think the lack of knowing just what Kuvira's been through made her lashing out at Korra for sympathizing with her ring that much stronger, as well as Korra's ability to sit down and show genuine compassion for her and, in turn, showing how she understood herself more.

I also loved that there wasn't an exact sense of completion to it, best demonstrated by Korra telling Tenzin feeling that, despite all the incredible things she'd accomplished, she still had plenty to learn and do. It's so great, because it rings so true--many, many people out there have done incredible things and still feel their job isn't done. And that's normal. I think that's a really important message for kids to learn since so many stories end with everything being wrapped up in a neat bow, no questions asked.

The thing that shocked me the most was...holy shit, they made Korra/Asami canon! I really didn't think they'd go through with it, both because between Mako and Korra's history together coupled Mako's segment in "Remembrances" seemed to imply they were going to retread the Makorra angle (which, honestly, I'd have had no problem with; it's been three years, they've grown up.) and because kid's show networks are dicks about this kind of thing. But they did it! I can't say I ship it myself, but I'm happy to see a major same-gender couple on a kids' show, and, wow, the third animated one this year (the other two being in Kill la Kill and Samurai Flamenco).

I really had only one complaint about this finale:

  • NO ESKA :(

But! We got to see her at least once. And one scene of Eska is better than none at all.

So, it all comes to a close. I'm not sure how I'd rank this finale amongst the other finales. It had a tough competition with book 2 and 3's, and most of all, it's hard to accept this is the end, especially with a series this short and a cast this big and amazing...but it was a damn good one, and I'm satisfied with it. There was a definite down-to-earth-feel about the last bits of the finale, and it was really the best way to approach it. I can only hope for comics elaborating further on the characters and world, but if that's it, then I'd say it's a pretty rock-solid run.

Thank you, Mike, Bryan, and everyone on the Korra crew; you're all amazing, talented people, and you crafted one hell of a story. It will be missed.
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