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Was going to go to sleep, then got lost in thought and decided to write up what I've been reminiscing about so I can hopefully gain some peace of mind and actually fall asleep.

Anyone who's been following me on twitter knows I've been revisiting Get Backers, a series I was big into in '04-'05. I still considered myself a fan after those years, but my personal excitement with it had kind of lain dormant for a while. I'd get re-surges of nostalgia for it every once in a while, but not to the point where it'd fully re-submerge me in the fandom. Ten years later, I'm revisiting it and the feelings of excitement and giddiness I got when I watched it at the age of 15 have returned with a vengeance as I re-read the manga at 25.

A big part of what pulled me back in was extremely personal. My first blogging platform was GreatestJournal, and on there I made a good friend. I can't remember what the circumstances of our becoming mutual friends were--it could have been that we had the same friends, shared a lot of the same interests; a mix of both, probably. He was a really friendly, smart, funny guy; he introduced me to Berserk and Resident Evil 4, we shared the same last name (no blood relation, though), and I loved talking to him, I was always excited whenever he updated his journal. I felt a really strong connection to him--this was someone I wanted to be friends with for life. To connect this back to Get Backers--he also had Ginji as his default icon (he was pretty Ginji-like in personality, too) and we shared a mutual active interest in Get Backers.

Unfortunately, with the abrupt purging of GJ, I didn't get to save any outside contact information about him. I IM'd with him once, but since I seldom use AIM, that account I used has long since been lost along with the information. I've looked up his username on Google, but the sites he frequented on hadn't been used for years. Online friends disappearing happens, and it's always sad to see the traces of them displayed on the internet, but it's especially painful when it's a close friend and your only evidence of interaction is from a dead site. I used Wayback Machine to see if I could still see his old journal, and it felt like visiting a deceased friend's diary. Achingly nostalgic.

I'm sure he's fine; whether he has an online presence elsewhere or just doesn't have time for it, I hope he's doing well. I don't think I ever got to tell him, but he meant a lot to me and even helped shape the person I became today.

So, Get Backers holds a lot sentimental value for me. I was able to track down an AMV said friend did for it that I'd never seen before, and it was like being hit with a wave of the strongest brand of nostalgia. It's pretty clear in this post I'm not speaking of the "Hey, I remember this, I liked it, good times" kind of nostalgia, but that very longing, melancholic feeling for something from the past.

Miss you, buddy.

Enjoy the AMV. It's great and spoiler-free (or rather, spoiler-free insofar as you won't know the context of anything that's going on if you're unfamiliar with the series), so if you've ever had any passing interest in the series, this might serve as a nice incentive to check it out.
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