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I typically dread Thanksgiving dinners with my family, simply because we're a sizable amount, and we usually invite members of our extended family, which makes my anxiety spike up quickly. This time, it was a small, intimate gathering of just myself, my parents, my brother, and his wife, the aforementioned two being the siblings I feel closest to in the family. It came as a huge relief to both myself and my parents as well when it came to preparing the food. For once in what's been many years, I finally took part in a Thanksgiving that I comfortably socialized and enjoyed myself in.

The big event of the dinner, however, was telling my parents about my girlfriend, Cerie, who I've been in a long-distance relationship since September. I had no idea how well my parents would take my being in a relationship with someone over the internet, and a long-distance one at that, so I pulled my brother and sister-in-law to the side and asked for their input on whether it'd be a good idea to spring the news on my parents or not. They assured me, as long as this was something that was making me happy (which it is), it'd be fine (though not without a teasing from my brother calling me a "cradle robber" when I told them about our 6-year age difference).

So I told my parents. And they were fine with it. In fact, they're really happy for me--they're happy to see me forging a relationship with someone, but mostly they're just happy to see me happy in any way. The long-distance didn't crop up as an issue at all. There were still questions, of course, but they were reasonable, anticipated questions, and the rest of it just became about how our relationship was coming along.

Incidentally, the hardest part of it was explaining how we met.

"So, how'd you guy's meet?"
"Uh...well...we both liked this really obscure movie that bombed at the box office."
"What movie?"
"...Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return"
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