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Taken from insanepurin

Ships as your social circle! Give me a fandom and I'll tell you:

* My BFF 4 lyfe
* My oldest and dearest regardless of how much we see each other
* I lost touch with them but now they're back in my life and I can't believe I ever let them go
* They're terrible for me but I keep going back for some reason
* They burned me so badly I never want to think about them again
* We had a bad experience and I still love them but it's not the same as it used to be
* The fuckbuddy I have no emotional attachment to and just find hot as hell
* We hang out sometimes, but we're not all that close
* I love them to pieces, but I can't stand being around their crowd
* We met once, I didn't think I'd like them but then we met again and it was like wow you're pretty cool
* I didn't think we meshed, but they won me over with gentle persistence
* I wanted to like them but they wouldn't stop badgering me and now I can't stand them
* They're toxic as hell and I wish more people would realize it instead of thinking they're so perfect
* The whirlwind romance you thought was the real thing but there were no sparks
* I met them through a mutual friend and they were every bit as wonderful as that friend said
* I want to like them, but the rest of their crowd intimidates me so I hide
* I'm ashamed of the way I used to act with them, now that we have a second chance I want to make ammends
* We used to be so close, but something about them changed for the worse
* I was always fascinated with them from afar, and I like them even more up close
* I admired them from afar until I got to know them
* I love them BECAUSE they're so horribly fucked up even if I'd never trust them with my life or secrets
* I want to get to know them more
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