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Happy Halloween! Have a few favorite spooky video channels of mine:

  • theLittleFears - Creepypasta readings from a woman with the most hypnotically soothing voice I've ever heard. There are a few videos of hers with minor jumpscares/surprise sounds at the end (I've combed through all of them and they are: Sound Asleep, The Roundhay Garden Scene, The Portraits, Mount Pleasant, and One in the Oven; One in the Oven and The Portraits are pretty tame and I put them there just in case) but it's mostly just unsettling, sometimes disturbing stories being told accompanied by ambient noise. Sudden Onset and the ending of Where Bad Kids Go also have some pretty creepy sound effects used, and The German Medic is the one especially gory tale. Other than that, I can't recommend her enough; my favorite video of hers (as well as my first video of hers I've seen) is Carol.

  • Lupus Creepus - Does Let's Plays and creepypasta readings, but is probably best known for his Will It Kill Me? series, in which he does creepy rituals and sees if they produce the rumored effect. He's completely honest in his videos, and as a result, often nothing of note ever happens, but he's a delightful personality and it's fun to just come along with him for the ride. I haven't checked out all his videos yet, so I can't give any proper content warnings, though I think I've heard the Midnight Man one is pretty intense.

  • jiMTVideo - A collection of old "found footage" documentations created by Jean-Teddy Filippe. I was only just recently introduced to him and haven't checked out all of his work and again, can't give any content warnings (apart from general spookiness) as a result, but they show a lot of promise. Here's one in particular I liked: The Soldier.

And a few less spooky videos I make tradition to watch every Halloween:

  • Death Scenes of Braindead 13 - The most fascinatingly detailed and creative death scenes to come out of a KA-rated game.

  • Resident Evil voice acting - Blood! Hope it's not Chris's blood.

  • Doom House and its sequel Mood House - I lied, I found out about these this year, I watch them pretty much every month, and they're the most terrifying videos ever! These masterpieces created by and starring Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka and Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen are guaranteed to send chills up your spine with their highly nuanced acting, shockingly believable dialogue, and airtight continuity. As a philosopher once said, be careful what you dream for...because you just might get it.

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