MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

A few months back, a person at the bus transit was asking for money to afford a cab ride. I gave them the necessary amount, and they thanked me and gave me six $1 bus passes in return. I gave them back, saying I really didn’t need them but, for some reason, they were really, really insistent that I take them. So I did and kept them in my wallet, just in case I ran into someone who forgot their bus pass.

Turns out I forgot my bus pass today, I only had 20 dollar bills in my wallet which weren’t accepted, and just as I was on the verge of panicking, I remembered I still had those $1 passes in my wallet, and had enough to get to my destination, as well as to my volunteer work for later.


Thank you, person, wherever you are, I hope you are doing well.
Tags: life
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