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I always think it's the funniest thing when fans get angry at male characters being portrayed as emotional/prone to crying in fandom, regardless of whether or not they are either of those things in canon. I could understand the sentiment if it were about female characters, because it's wrapped up in complex gender politics and history, but I'm kind of at a loss at what there is to be offended by fic or art portraying an openly weeping male character.

I guess maybe fans who look up to/identify with those characters may feel disempowered by that portrayal? I feel the opposite; it's really kind of a huge comfort, even a source of empowerment, to see those "weaknesses" I share be reflected in characters I can look up to or identify with.

Incidentally, I think this is a large part of why the 2002 Spider-Man movie really impacted and connected with me as a kid; I'd never seen this sort of hero before who was openly "weak" and vulnerable (in a way that wasn't played for laughs), and didn't demonstrate the traditional masculine strength and badass that most big action heroes to come out of western media showed. I know the loss of his snark from the comics and emphasis on his weaknesses was a huge source of complaints for fans of the comics, but, honestly, I'd rather have that be lost than the vulnerability that struck such a chord with me as a kid.
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