MP (militarypenguin) wrote,

When I was a kid I thought D&D was this really elaborate video game where you could customize your characters and play different classes and have different moralities (in other words, what eventually became the games Bioware made) and I was so blown away by all the guide books especially the monster manuals just holy shit! This game was so detailed! I was so hyped to play it and kept talking to my cousins and neighbors about this incredibly ahead of its time video game called Dungeons & Dragons. We were speculating how such a ridiculously advanced game could possibly have been made in the 80s, but whatever, we wanted to play it.

The day finally arrived where I got to sit down and play the game with my friends and asked, “So, where’s the game?”

Then I learned it was tabletop game where you had to use your imagination and if you looked closely you could actually pinpoint the exact moment my heart broke in two.
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